Field Fence

Field Fence

Field fencing is among the most heavily utilized fence in America. In fact, it could be argued that field fence is the fencing that tamed the West!


Field fence is primarily used to keep animals in–or in many cases–out of an area or region. Field fencing can be made from a wide variety of materials, depending on terrain, location and animals to be confined, and the needs of the rancher or farmer.

Wire fences


Traditionally, wire fencing material is made of galvanized steel stretched between metal T-post or wooden post set into the ground. Galvanized high-tensile steel is now also used in many places. To prevent sagging of the fence over time.


High tensile fencing is a special hard, springy steel wire. It isn’t easily stretched by large animals leaning against the fence.

Barbed Wire


Barbed wire is particularly effective for containing livestock such as cattle or sheep. In pastures containing both cattle and sheep, barbed wire is often used to both discourage cattle from reaching over the top of a fence and to keep sheep from crawling under.

Barbed wire is not advised for use with horses, however, as there is a risk of injury to the horse. The barbs can tear the skin and coat of horses, and there is also a danger of their relatively long legs getting entangled in the wire.

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