Commercial Fencing and Business Fencing

Commercial fencing is a specialty unto itself.

Many smaller fencing companies and fencing contractors aspire to do big commercial fencing jobs, but find that the rigors of the large commercial jobs can be daunting and a challenge for the smaller fencing contractor.

With 20 years of ex[experience in the fencing industry, S &S Fence has the manpower and material necessary to get the big commercial fencing jobs done in these tough economic times. .

We offer highly competitive fencing bids on the following:

  • Large commercial chain link fencing projects
  • Large commercial ornamental iron fencing projects
  • Commercial automatic gate systems
  • Commercial vinyl fencing
  • Commercial horse fence
  • Commercial ranch fencing
  • Commercial security fencing
  • Commercial razor wire and barbed wire installation
  • Chain link baseball diamonds
  • Chain link softball complexes
  • Chain link tennis court fencing
  • Chain link batting cages
  • Chain link sporting facilities

For commercial fencing projects, S&S Fence will submit bids throughout the Greater Sacramento Metropolitan Area.   For larger projects and DVBE fencing projects, we routinely do fencing work throughout the whole of Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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