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One of S&S Fence’s specialties is baseball and softball diamonds, sports complexes,  and athletic facilities.

The vast majority of baseball facilities at the high school, amateur and Little League level are constructed almost entirely of chain link.  In particular, the dugouts, backstops, and outfield fences are almost always made with chain link fabric material.  The same is true of softball diamonds.

What is important in baseball and softball diamond construction is that it must be built to last and be completely free of any flaws which might reduce the lifespan of the facility, or worse, cause injury to players or spectators.  When mistakes are made in baseball and softball diamonds during construction, those mistakes may not show up for years–and by then it’s too late.  This makes using high-quality materials, great workmanship, and attention to detail especially important.

S&S Fence has many years of experience in the construction of baseball and softball diamonds and is one of the leaders of this kind of fence installation throughout the greater Sacramento Area and Northern California.  In fact, S&S takes particular pride in the construction of sports facilities because its co-founder, Gary Siewert, is a lifelong baseball and softball player.  Because of his longtime sports experience, Gary has a unique eye for sound design and construction of athletic and sports-related projects.

An example of S&S’s expertise in the field of sports facility construction is the SportaFence.  The SportaFence is a revolutionary new concept in outfield fence design.  Invented by S&S co-owner Gary Siewert, the patent-pending SportaFence is a portable 0utfield fence which can be erected and moved on and off of baseball and softball fields in a very short period of time.  It is the perfect solution for sports fields with synthetic or artificial turf surfaces, and w0rks great on natural grass fields as well.  Once in place, the SportaFence is virtually indistinguishable from a traditional baseball oe softball outfield fence.

One of the greatest benefits of the SportaFence is that it turns single-use fields into multi-use fields.  This means an athletic field could be used for soccer or football in the morning, softball in the afternoon, and baseball in the evening, for example.

For more information on the SportaFence, please go to the SportaFence webpage on this website, or visit the main SportaFence site at

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