When You Need a Fence Call S & S — Sacramento's Most Trusted Fencing Contractors

Sports Facilities

Sacramento Sports Facilities

S&S Fence Company is an industry leader when it come to designing, building an installing chain link sports facilities. It takes a special expertise to correctly build sports facilities. Issues of usefulness and safety, as well as durability and workmanship always come into play where sports or athletic facilities are concerned, and Stockton-area residents should go with a company with a proven track record when considering any sports complex bid.

For example, S&S Fence co-owner Gary Siewert has developed a much safer version of a baseball outfield fence called the SportaFence. This new sports device, which is rapidly gaining popularity around the U.S. as a superior kind of outfield fence, promises to increase the safety factor in baseball or softball games where the SportaFence is deployed.

Other sports products that S&S fence specializes in include:

  •     Batting cages
  •     Baseball backstops
  •     Softball backstops
  •     Baseball dugouts
  •     Outfield fences
  •     Baseball diamonds
  •     Softball fields
  •     Tennis courts
  •     Handball courts
  •     Basketball courts
  •     Sports complexes
  •     MMA  fighting cages
  •     MMA fighting rings (octagons)
  •     Football fieds
  •     Soccer fields
  •     Playgrounds
  •     Swimming pool fences
  •     Golf courses
  •     Driving ranges

And much, much more!

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