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SportaFence™- The World’s Best Portable Outfield Fence!

S&S Fence is proud to announce the creation of a brand new sports-related product:  The SportaFence.

The SportaFence™ is a revolutionary new portable outfield fence product invented by S&S co-owner Gary Siewert.  It was designed to be used on baseball fields,softball fields, and athletic facilities and has the unique ability to convert single-use athletic fields into multi-use sports facilities.

To see how the SportaFence works, please watch the following video:

The SportaFence’s unique patent-pending design allows softball and baseball outfield fences to quickly be moved from one sports field to another as necessary.

It is also easily adjusts in terms of distance and dimensions as in changing the field from a softball to a baseball diamond in the same afteroon for example.

The SportaFence standard design consist of a series of 5′ by 10′ interlocking panels. The wheeled version of the SportaFence can quickly be rolled on and off the playing field without damage to expensive synthetic surfaces.

Once in position, the SportaFence is lowered into place, making it virtually identical in function to a standard outfield fence.

Safer, and yet tougher and more durable than other products, the SportaFence is designed to last for years to come.

To find out more about this exciting new sports invention visit the SportaFence website at http://www.outfieldfencebaseballsoftball.com/ or call SportaFence Marketing today at 916-715-6287

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