When You Need a Fence Call S & S — Sacramento's Most Trusted Fencing Contractors

Specialty Fence

“Specialty fence” is really a catch-all phrase that means either the fence product you are looking for is hard to find, or what you are looking for doesn’t exist ans is need of a custom design.

After almost a quarter century of serving Northern California and the greater Sacramento metropolitan area, S&S Fence is renowned for solving difficult fencing problems and being able to supply hard-to-find fencing products when others can’t.

A good example of our expertise in the area is the SportaFence.  After an unsuccessful  nationwide search for an outfield fence that would not damage their new synthic fields, Dan Gentry and the city of Woodland call S&S to see if we could help them with their problem.  The requirements were unusual in that the specifications called for a fence product that functioned exactly like a typical softball outfield fence, but was portable, durable, and could easily be moved on and off their new artificial turf fields without damaging them.

Such a fencing product did not exist at that point in time–but that did not stop Gary Siewert and S&S Fence.  A lifelong athlete and avid baseball player, Siewert immediately put pen to paper and invented a brand new revolutionary spoers product:  The SportaFence.  The SportaFence (which can be seen at http://www.sportafence.com) exceeded Woodland’s expectations, and has become a bit hit all across the nation.

The bottom line is that if you are having difficulty finding a solution to your fencing needs, give us a call.  Odds are we can find it or design it.

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